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Indian Propaganda Against Muslims Exposed by Radio-RJ

Indian Propaganda Against Muslims Exposed by Radio-RJ. RJ Naveed, an extremely well known radio moderator in India uncovered the Indian purposeful publicity against Muslims in an exceptionally extensive way. He did this by taking a higher government official on a trick bring in a live radio system. The officer was at first was extremely discourteous offering an explanation to the RJ. Be that as it may, at last he was very fulfilled and regretful to the RJ. The Program moderator called the administration official wile on air and depicted to be a typical individual required his assistance for something. The officer treated him exceptionally cruel without having the information that he was going on air to entire India. The officer declined to help Naveed.

Indian Propaganda Against Muslims Exposed by Radio-RJ

Indian Propaganda Against Muslims Exposed by Radio-RJ

The RJ offered him fix for making a difference. He straight away declined his offer and answered that each administration officer can’t be a degenerate individual. That was the defining moment in the entire discussion. He had given the opportunity to RJ to demonstrate the false Propaganda against Muslim group off-base. The RJ answered to him that if each individual can’t be croup, than how every Muslim could be a terrorist.

How every individual who develops whiskers could be a fanatic? By his solid illustrations, Naveed made the individual understand reality. He acknowledged the rationales and apologized to him. The false publicity against Muslims on online networking grabbed since eventually by Indians. They tell the world that the adherents of Islam are not worth to live with and to have relations with.

They likewise attempt to put everything incorrectly on the head of supporters of Islam in nation. RJ Naveed protected his religion legitimately as well as exhibited his case in such a path, to the point that any one listening to him would have astounded. By his illustrations, the publicity against the Muslim world was demonstrated wrong to everybody.

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