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“Kamal Haasan” Backs Panneerselvam

“Kamal Haasan” Backs Panneerselvam, Performing artist Kamal Haasan today joined his voice to the thousands protesting what they call the foisting of VK Sasikala on them as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and said O Panneerselvam ought to be permitted to proceed.

"Kamal Haasan" Backs Panneerselvam, Performing artist

“Kamal Haasan” Backs Panneerselvam

“Why not let Panneerselvam continue for quite a while? He has done his occupation genuinely well,” Mr Haasan stated, including that if the general population don’t care for him, they have the “order to toss him out of force”. Calling the current circumstance an “awful peak”, he said “Sasikala reality harms me”.

At a sensational public interview yesterday, the calm Mr Pannerselvam had said he had been over and over mortified and compelled to leave his post as the Chief Minister, despite the fact that he was Ms Jayalalithaa’s decision for the occupation. Throughout the week-end, the AIADMK had picked Sasikala to head the legislature – a choice that had gone under immense feedback via web-based networking media by individuals who had indicated her absence of any direct involvement in governmental issues and organization.

“We are not sheep, we would prefer not to be shepherded,” Mr Haasan said in a solid feedback of the AIADMK and the state’s current political custom, which makes a temperance of slavishness. The general population, he said are not “requesting enough” and have been “tolerant” for a really long time.

For supporters, Ms Jayalalithaa had been Amma, Ms Sasikala; her long-lasting friend, had been affectionately called Chinnamma (mother’s younger sibling).

In any case, Mr Haasan said “How about we not talk as far as individual relations… For a credulous youthful India it’s OK to call Gandhiji Bapuji, and Nehru Chachaji – yet we’ve grown up”.

Ms Sasikala had paraded her numbers at a rushed midnight meeting yesterday and again at the beginning of today. The 131 of the gathering’s 134 administrators who had turned up for the meeting today were taken off to a mystery area to keep their being impacted by Mr Panneerselvam or different gatherings.

Mr Haasan said he was not inspired basically on the grounds that Sasikala has predominant numbers. “On the off chance that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the matter of running the country, they have no privilege to be there,” Mr Haasan said.

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