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Turkey arrests hundreds of suspected Kurdish IS militants

Turkey arrests hundreds of suspected Kurdish IS militants. Turkey arrested 251 people early Friday in coordinated against alleged Islamic State (IS) and jihadis Kurdish militants after a series of attacks on members of the public and police raids, said the prime minister’s office.

Turkey arrests hundreds of suspected Kurdish IS militants

Turkey arrests hundreds of suspected Kurdish IS militants
“A total of 251 people have been in prison for belonging to terrorist groups,” the office of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, adding that the raids were carried out in 13 provinces across Turkey.

The statement said the arrests were made in response to a series of violent attacks on members of the public and the armed forces in recent days.

Dogan news agency said an operation involving some 5,000 police raided 140 addresses in 26 districts of Istanbul in search of suspected members of the Islamic State, the Party of Turkey outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and other militant factions .

The also targeted suspected members of the youth wing of the PKK, known as the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H), and the Party of the Marxist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front, said the state agency Anatolia operation. The YDG-H said he shot and killed a suspected Islamic State former fighter in Istanbul late Tuesday.

The raids came days after 32 young activists were killed in a suicide bombing on Monday that Ankara accused the Islamic State. Young Turks and Kurds had gathered in a cultural center in the Turkish city of Suruç ahead of a planned city of Ayn al-Arab to help with rebuilding trip.

Turkish authorities said Tuesday they had identified a suspect in the attack with apparent ties to the Islamic State. In televised comments, Davutoglu said there was a “high probability” the attack was caused by a suicide bomber with connections with the jihadist group. “All the links are being investigated at international and national level [the suspect],” he added.

The attack sparked more violence in the Kurdish-dominated southeast Turkey, where many accuse the Turkish authorities to cooperate with the Islamic State, Ankara denies accusations. Two policemen were shot dead near the border with Syria on Wednesday in an attack claimed by the military wing of the PKK, who said the shooting was in retaliation for the bombing attack Suruç.

Another policeman was killed Thursday in the majority Kurdish city of Diyarbakir.

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