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United State mosque threatened as fears of shooting backlash rise

United State mosque threatened as fears of shooting backlash rise, The biggest Muslim support bunch in the United States has raised worries of a backfire taking after the fatal California shooting with reports of a danger of viciousness got at one mosque and numerous contempt calls.

Ibrahim Hooper, representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Washington DC, on Thursday censured the killing of no less than 14 individuals in San Bernardino, while arguing “to not sum up from the demonstrations of people to a whole confidence group”.

United State mosque threatened as fears of shooting backlash rise

United State mosque threatened as fears of shooting backlash riseUS powers said they were all the while exploring the thought process behind the shooting spree, professedly did by the suspects Syed Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27. Reports said they were vigorously outfitted with firearms, bombs and ammo.

Taking after the shooting, the New York Post – the Rupert Murdoch-claimed tabloid daily paper – ran a pennant feature calling the two dead suspects “MUSLIM KILLERS”. The paper later changed the feature.

“It’s totally ridiculous that the New York Post would utilize that front-page feature,” Hooper told Al Jazeera.

He called the daily paper “reckless”, however included he was not amazed on the grounds that “it is known for its against Muslim fanaticism”.

“It’s incendiary and we trust it instigates disdain against all Muslims, not simply against the general population who purportedly completed the San Bernardino assaults.”

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Telephone dangers

As the names of the suspects were accounted for on Wednesday, the Manassas Mosque in Virginia got a voice message from a mysterious male guest debilitating he would do to admirers at the mosque what had been done to the casualties in San Bernardino.

The mosque’s imam, Abu Nahedian, told Al Jazeera he got the half-minute foulness bound message, sent to his own telephone, in the blink of an eye before 11pm on Wednesday (0400 GMT Thursday).

Nahedian said he reported the occurrence to police, who were exploring the call alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Nahedian has been lecturing at the mosque for over 20 years, he said. In 2014, the Manassas Mosque was additionally vandalized.

He faulted an absence of instruction and mindfulness about Islam on the dangers, saying taught individuals “realize that we [Muslims] are the additionally casualties” of savagery.

Nahedian said admirers at the mosque had been subjected to verbal misuse and different dangers even before the San Bernardino assault had happened.

“This is a piece of our life at any rate,” he said. “In any case, we generally educate the assemblage to be benevolent to individuals, and to let your activity be the shield of your confidence.”

Regurgitating scorn

At CAIR’s heaquarters in the US capital, Hooper reported that he and his staff had gotten “parts and loads of contempt messages” on Thursday.

“A large portion of them are simply regurgitating contempt against Islam and Muslims, which is not unlawful,” Hooper said.

In California, where the shooting happened, Ojaala Ahmad, representative of the state’s CAIR office, said Muslim Americans were as “grief stricken” about what happened as whatever is left of the nation.

She conceded that she additionally got to be concerned subsequent to listening to the personalities of the aggressors.

“I think it has turned out to be exceptionally basic now that each time a Muslim individual may be the culprit, the general population and the media rush to say this was a demonstration of fear without examining what the real thought processes were,” Ahmad said.

Be that as it may, in California against Islam notion “is not that explicit” as in different states, said Ahmad, and the Muslim group got “overpowering backing” from between confidence advocates.

“They are stating that they bolster us and that they realize that Islam is not a terrible religion, and for us to stay solid in times of what we may be confronting in the coming days with the counter Muslim atmosphere,” Ahmad said.

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