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3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan. If you have just started an AdSense blog, then you might be curious to know about the payment procedure of Google AdSense. For Pakistani publishers, Google has three payment options which are being discussed below. You can select any of thesepayments methods to receive your payment in Pakistan if it surpasses the monthly minimum payout threshold of USD $100.

3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

1. Western Union Quick Cash: It is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for Pakistani publishers to receive their AdSense earnings. This way of receiving AdSense earnings is totally free as Google pays the processing fee itself as well as it is the quickest method to withdraw your earnings here in Pakistan. 3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

As of now, publisher payments are processed by 22nd of each month (if your earnings for the previous month reach $100) and you can pick up cash the next day at any Western Union agent. All you need to receive your earnings through Western Union is your accurate name provided as payee name in AdSense payment settings and set the Western Union as your primary payment method. When your payment is sent, you are given an MTCN (a 10 digit code) which can be found in Payment History section.

Then you need to go at a Western Union agent outlet where you will be asked for the MTCN, sent amount, the sender name and any of your government IDs including CNIC, driver license or passport. Money can be picked in local currency (Pakistani rupees) according to the conversion rate of USD in open market. 3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

2. Wire Transfer: Wire Transfer has been introduced recently and it is the second best way to receive AdSense payments in Pakistan. You need to obtain the SWIFT code and the IBAN (International Banking Account Number) of your local bank account. If these details aren’t printed on your checkbook, then you will need to contact your branch for these details. Once obtained, provide these details on your AdSense payment settings page. Add the bank account, set it as primary payment method and you are good to receive your earnings directly into your bank account onward.

Wire Transfer is the safest way to receive payments from AdSense but it is a bit slower than Western Union Quick Cash as well as it costs money. You need to pay the processing fee of bankwire transfer too.

3. Payments via Check: Google sends you a check too but this method isn’t recommended due to security concerns as well as delays in payments. If you are facing troubles in receiving mail at your local address (set in AdSense), then you may fail to receive the check. Receiving payments via check isn’t a good option for Pakistani publishers but still you may go for it if above two options aren’t going to work for you. 3 Google AdSense Payments Receipt Methods in Pakistan

When the check arrives in your hands, you can cash it at any bank that supports USD accounts. In Pakistan, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Muslim Commercial Bank are a few good options for cashing out AdSense checks.

These were the three payment options available for Pakistani publishers as of now. I hope this guide helped you in understanding the payment mechanism of Google AdSense for bloggers and website owners in Pakistan. Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding this? Let’s discuss in comments section below.

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