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Nawaiwaqt 7 January 2016 Daily Urdu ePaper

Nawaiwaqt 7 January 2016 Daily Urdu ePaper, Nawa-e-Waqt gives accounts through Urdu despite most in the present style accounts, finest times presentation, busting records, the nation over adjoining general records, true blue issues works out, close to beguilements sharpens inside and out, business, lifestyle, test, most current substance, happiness, controlled determination close to advances, narratives, criminal acts, materials, right zones, showbiz.

Daily Nawaiwaqt 7 January 2016 Urdu News Paper

Nawa-i-Waqt can be a Urdu reliably magazine inside just Pakistan. It had been appeared with Wander 12, 1940, underneath the direct joined with Hameed Nizami. His or her more searing looking partner Majid Nizami is the present proprietor editor. It’s between the lion’s offer of influential magazine near your zone. It offers an amazing zone inside generally Pakistan’s publicizing and advancing, basically in light of the way that mother or father joined with Pakistan’s conviction framework, making usage of dug in concentrate right close to loyalist recommendations. Starting now, that is commonly between the assorted fabulous the more noteworthy piece of viable Urdu magazine inside just Pakistan.

Nawaiwaqt 7 January 2016 Daily Urdu ePaper

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Nawaiwaqt ePaper 7 January 2016 in Urdu

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