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Pakistan army chief visiting US next week where he will discuss security issues

Washington DC is not a major city by world capital norms, however apparently this town ain’t sufficiently huge for two Sharifs from Pakistan to visit in the meantime. Three weeks after the nation’s enfeebled PM Nawaz Sharif went by the White House to meet President Obama, the country’s armed force boss General Raheel Sharif will touch base here on an outing where genuine business is required to be directed.

Pakistan army chief visiting US next week where he will discuss security issues

Pakistan army chief visiting US next week where he will discuss security issuesGeneral Sharif won’t be meeting President Obama, yet there is little uncertainty that Washington views him as the “genuine Sharif” and the “enormous Sharif”, with whom it can work together, in spite of the fact that it is not clear on the off chance that he is seen as the better or more regrettable of the two Sharifs.

The US at times sees a formally dressed general it doesn’t care for, and the wide view in Washington is that Gen Raheel Sharif is still in his special night stage with the US, where gullible spinmeisters weave yarns about the nation’s dynamic and expert officers who will convey results recommended by America, the same way desires were set up for Sharif’s ancestors Kayani and Musharraf, before they were denounced.

The Pakistani military itself has made no mystery of the way that it is the genuine force in the nation. It (the military) made the declaration about General Sharif’s visit, with the armed force PR, three-star Lt Gen Asim Bajwa, tweeting that “#COAS will visit USA from 15-20 Nov. Will hold mtngs with mil and political initiative on colossal security issues.”

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The sheer chutzpah of an armed force shill reporting that the general will be holding gatherings with the political authority of a nation he is going by would be astounding anyplace aside from on account of Pakistan where the khakhis have since quite a while ago gave orders behind a regular citizen exterior.

The present military regulation has been considerably more heartless in attesting its supremacy. Days before PM Nawaz Sharif set out on his visit to US a month ago, his NSA Sartaj Aziz was summarily alleviated of his post and supplanted with a resigned three-star general, Naseer Khan Janjua.

Janjua successfully turned into the non military personnel government’s minder to guarantee it didn’t fold under US weight amid the Washington visit.

Such military oversight and control is currently entirely normal crosswise over world capitals with Pakistan’s khaki-assigned minders notwithstanding answering to Rawalpindi’s military insight foundation on the different diplomats designated by the regular citizen government, as indicated by sources acquainted with the workings of Pakistani international safe havens abroad. Indeed, a few key ambassadorships are held by resigned military officers in an open showcase of who truly makes major decisions in a nation that is just notionally a vote based system. None of this has kept any of the US organizations to proceed with the monotonous exterior of managing the frail non military personnel governments.

Throughout the weekend, the New York Times attempted yet another tired article on Pakistan’s runaway atomic project, nothing that while the nation can’t give sufficient administrations to its residents in light of the fact that it spends around 25% of its financial plan on guard, the armed force says it needs still more atomic weapons to counter India’s routine arms stockpile.

However, there is no sign from Washington that it has any thoughts or arrangements to change this amid its engagement with the genuine force in Pakistan.

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