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QMobile Tablet QTab Q100 Price & Specs

Q Mobile Tablet Q Tab Q100 Price & Specs.An immersive edutainment experience multifunctional and a stylish mobile.in this mobile many facilities are available for the human life that are necessary for today life.Q mobile q tabs Q100 is the bet bangs for your bucks.Q Mobile  Q Tab Q100 will become your ideal assistant to cope with the daily tasks. Q Mobile Tablet Q Tab Q100 Price & Specs.Q Tab Q100 by Q Mobile is equipped to a dual core processor with a good performance.Multi touch completely gives u a comfortable during the uses of device because its touch system is make by main parts.Q mobile Q tab Q100 has a 512mb ram.Fast and powerful performance in a comfortable design.you can know about  tabs  Q 100 you can visit this website

Q mobile Q tabs Q 100 work in multiple applications and programs.Q mobile Q tabs Q 100 high-quality color reproduction and rich color images on a 7 inch WSVGA display with an amazing resolution.Q Mobile Tablet Q Tab Q100 Price & Specs. Q Mobile Q tab Q100 white color is a very beautiful color for using because every choice is white color.All the worlds and media player in ur hand set.you can take it in Ur party or any function of ur life to take a hd picture and can make a HD videos.

Q mobile Q tabs Q 100 have 4gb mass storage.4gb memories is not enough for u because when u take a hd and hd videos that are insufficient for ur picture and HD videos.Q Mobile Tablet QTab Q100 Price & Specs.It is also take up to 32GB CARD. Stay connected and get Internet access via Wi-Fi we can connect internet by a wi-fi.This mobile can solve ur every problem for example dictionary and the other problems.you can knoe about thisQMobile Tablet QTab Q100 Price & Specs

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