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Rs 225 Billion Balochistan, Budget 2015-16, June 18

Rs 225 Billion Balochistan, Budget 2015-16, June 18. QuettaThe total volume of Balochistan’s budget for the 2015-16 fiscal will be Rs225 billion or Rs10 billion more than the previous year, a senior official of the provincial government told The Express Tribune. The official was himself involved in making the budget document.

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Rs 225 Billion Balochistan, Budget 2015-16, June 18

Rs 225 Billion Balochistan, Budget 2015-16, June 18

Adviser to the chief minister on finance department Mir Khalid Langov is expected to unveil the budget on June 18.

The key priorities are education, health and law and order. “A huge amount will be allocated for law and order,” the official said. Proposals have been made for the expanding the tax net in the province.

Responding to a question, he said many members of Balochistan Assembly are unhappy with the budget as the bureaucracy had tried to allocate a minimum budget for their personal schemes in their respective constituencies. “MPAs are unhappy. “They are trying their best to put pressure to get maximum allocation, but have so far failed to do so.

Colleges And Health Department

Presenting the budget, he told that 14 new colleges will be built in the province and that 70 new health centers will be opened for preventive vaccine and injections.

Medical Colleges Built

He said three medical colleges will be built in Khuzadar, Loralai and Turbat in order to deal with shortage of doctors and that medicines worth Rs 58 crore will be distributed for free in public hospitals.

New Agriculture University

He said that Rs 1 billion have been earmarked in the budget to build an agriculture university, while Rs 20 crore have been allocated for development of olives, grapes, almonds, fig, pomegranate and Pistachio among other such fruits amid water shortage.

Poverty Decrease

The Finance Advisor said that new ponds and drainage systems will be built for which Rs 1 billion have been earmarked. In order to deal with poverty in rural areas, poultry support program will be initiated with Rs 25 crore 40 lakh.

Build New Parks

The Finance Advisor told that Rs 14 crore 20 lakh have been earmarked to build new parks. He told that modern machinery to clean the cities and fire extinguishing vehicles will be upgraded and Rs 37 crore 50 lakh have been reserved for that as well.

Minting And Promoting Minerals

Langau said Rs 69 crore 45 lakh have been allocated for minting and promoting minerals while Rs 14.33 billion are for energy sector.

Industry And Sports Department

He told that Rs 1.11 billion have been earmarked for trade and industry, Rs 10 crore for promotion of sports, Rs 3 billion for development of Gwadar port, Rs 8 crore to build parking at Civil Secretariat, Rs 9.5 crore to build museum and provincial library at Jinnah Road in Quetta, Rs 83.86 crore for irrigation and Rs 19 billion for building of new irrigation system with federation’s assistance have been earmarked.

The Finance Advisor announced a subsidy on 100 kg bags of flour for which, the provincial treasure will bear the burden of an additional Rs 92.10 crore.

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